How far away will my pendant work from the hub?
Your pendant will normally work as far away as 50 metres (More than 150 feet) from the hub
What happens if I unplug my hub from the phone line or the power socket?
If this happens you won’t be able to use any of the pendants or buttons as they’re meant to be. The hub needs to be plugged in to your phone line and mains to work.
If I have broadband internet will the hub still work?
Yes, provided a microfilter is fitted. Your engineer will explain this when he installs the equipment.
Can I install the equipment myself?
No. Your equipment will be installed by one of our qualified engineers who will test it and show you how it works. As a result of this installation requirement, this service is only available to customers on UK mainland – not the Channel Islands.
What happens if I accidentally press the button?
You’ll be connected to our Response Centre, but please don’t be concerned. Simply explain what’s happened and the advisor will do everything else.
Are the pendants waterproof?
Whilst the pendants are water resistant, it’s not recommended that you wear them in the bath or shower.
How long do the batteries last?
For most of the equipment batteries will last for at least 3 years and in most cases much longer than that. Where a battery runs out we’ll either send out a replacement battery or supply a new unit, completely free of charge.
Will I get a bill every month?
No. Home Assist will raise a charge each month to your bank so that they can transfer the money by direct debit. Whoever is paying for the service will see the amount on their bank statements. Paper bills are not printed.
How do the smoke detectors work?
The units supplied are much like normal smoke detectors but instead of just sounding an audible alarm they also raise an alert in our Response Centre, where an advisor will take the most appropriate action as soon as possible.
How long does it take to answer once an alert is raised?
This depends on how many people are attempting to contact us – at peak times such as in bad weather this may be high. We endeavour to answer all alerts as quickly as we can and work towards doing so by no longer than two minutes at any time of the day or night.
Does the Response Advisor call the emergency services?
Yes, they can. We always try however to speak to the person who raised the alert first to understand what exactly is going on. Only a very small number of alerts require the emergency services to attend.
What happens if the equipment is damaged and doesn’t work anymore?
Please contact the Customer Services Team on 0330 123 9195 who will be happy to arrange for an engineer to visit you.
Should I take my equipment into a Boots store?
The fastest way to have any damaged equipment repaired or replaced is by contacting Customer Services on 0330 123 9195. Staff in Boots won’t be able to help with replacing items.
What happens if my nominated contacts are away (such as on holiday)?
We always recommend that you keep us up to date on who we can contact in the event of an alert being raised. The Customer Service team or Response Advisor can update your contact details whenever they need to be.
I live on the Channel Islands, can I receive the service?
Unfortunately the Home Assist service is installation only, and we don’t have engineers based on the channel islands – therefore we can’t provide this service anywhere except the UK mainland.
What happens after I have placed my order?
You will receive an email confirming your order. We will process your order and send you a Welcome Pack which will include details about your service including a copy of the Terms and Conditions of Service. One of our qualified engineers will then call you to arrange installation of your service. If you have any questions after you have placed your order, you can contact our Customer Service Team on 0330 123 9195
How much will my first bill be?
To help our customers budget, we charge for the service by calendar month. The amount on your first bill will cover the period until the end of the month that you joined the service. This means that the amount on your first bill will never be more than the monthly price. If you have any questions about your bill, you can contact our Customer Service Team on 0330 123 9195